It is most difficult to give firm prices without actually seeing the work to be done. We know that at great distances, this is neither possible nor practical. Therefore, we will attempt to give you the best estimate possible under the circumstances. In many instances it is possible to give a rough estimate from e-mail photos. However, photos do not always reveal all defects or things that need attention. To get a definite quote, a firsthand examination is necessary.
If you are sending us your book, we will contact you to let you know when your book has arrived safely. We will also discuss with you what treatment is to be done and what that will cost. Should you decide not to have the work done we will return the book to you.
When you agree to our quote, we kindly request a 30% deposit. This confirms the commission. Your book(s) will be with us for up to 3 months. You will be issued with a reference number and your book will be entered into our restoration schedule. All work is done in order of acceptance. Only in extremely pressing circumstances can you "jump the queue"  Upon completion you will be contacted and we will ask you to make arrangements for the work to be collected.
We expect final payment for the work done within 14 days of completion.   However, we understand that collecting the work within 14 days is not always possible. We are happy to look after your book for you but we hope you appreciate the fact that we would like the account settled within this time frame. 
Payment can be organized via credit card (Visa & MC only) or by direct deposit into our bank account. Bank details upon request. We also accept cheques made out to the Art of Bookbinding.


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