Video - Gentleman's Library

A Gentleman’s Library is his refuge. It is where he seeks byways in book land, where he  daydreams and is not disturbed, were he slips into the world of knowledge and feeds his soul.

However, books do need attention and this is where we can be of invaluable service.

At the Art of Bookbinding we can provide you with advice on the maintenance of your library.

We refurbish, polish and “feed” your leather volumes. If your books need repair or restoration we can do that for you too. Our aim is to always retain as much of the original material as possible. All materials used are archival safe.  A look of proper age is kept and repairs kept as inconspicuous as possible.

Why not discuss and  arrange an annual maintenance contract with us.

Re-binding service: do you have a favourite paperback, or a print on demand volume? We can rebind these into handsome volumes you will be proud to have on your library shelf.


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